Good Stress, Bad Stress, And Pain

Patients are often surprised to hear just how much of a factor various stressors can play in back pain and chronic pain. Yes, movement and musculoskeletal issues are commonly involved. However, they aren’t the only contributors when it comes to pain. Anything from a poor sleep schedule, job dissatisfaction, too much or too little exercise,Continue reading “Good Stress, Bad Stress, And Pain”

Nerve Pain & Numbness and Tingling

Nerve pain is an interesting issue to treat. While it can be one of the more intense types of pain, it can have different reasons for occuring. This infographic comes from the book Sticks and Stones by DPT’s Jim Heafner and Jarod Hall. Most have heard of the “clogged artery” analogy in cases of atherosclerosis,Continue reading “Nerve Pain & Numbness and Tingling”

Desk Stretches For Neck Pain

Neck pain can get in the way of work, especially when we’re stuck at a desk for long periods of time – Desk stretches are here to save the day. Today’s video focuses on a few ways to get out of the seated “desk” and “computer posture” that many people are in for most ofContinue reading “Desk Stretches For Neck Pain”

What Do Findings On X-Rays And MRIs Actually Mean?

What do findings on X-rays and MRIs actually mean? While imaging is helpful and definitely needed at times, the radiologic reports can often sound scarier than the process that is actually occurring. As imaging techniques have advanced, healthcare professionals have fallen into a pattern of labelling normal tissue changes as problematic or unhealthy. For example,Continue reading “What Do Findings On X-Rays And MRIs Actually Mean?”

Disc Pain Mechanisms, Anatomy, And Treatment

What Are Intervertebral Discs?  Disc pain is one of the most common issues Chiropractors treat, but most of the time patients are unaware of what it means. We all know what the spine looks like – a stacked column of vertebrae that flexes, extends, side bends, and rotates. Between each vertebra sits a cushion ofContinue reading “Disc Pain Mechanisms, Anatomy, And Treatment”

Low Back Exercise Routine

Low back exercise is something we regularly focus on at Ridge Rehab and Chiropractic. Nowadays, we spend a lot of time stuck in the same positions throughout the day and throughout the week… Seated or standing for hours at a work station, seated behind the wheel driving, lying in bed at night, etc. This lackContinue reading “Low Back Exercise Routine”

Core Exercises or “Anti” Core Exercises?

Today’s video focuses on pallof press variations for training the core and spinal stability – AKA “Anti” Core Exercises. I’ve discussed before how much I love the pallof press. A big reason is due to the anti-rotational nature of them. Because of this, it a safe core exercise and usually it’s tolerable to do evenContinue reading “Core Exercises or “Anti” Core Exercises?”

Training Shoulder Stabilization

Today’s video focuses on a few positions and transitions for working shoulder stabilization. These are based on Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization (DNS) concepts. Based off the developmental sequence that we all go through when learning to move early on in life. The shoulder is a naturally unstable joint due to its anatomy. Strong scapular and shoulderContinue reading “Training Shoulder Stabilization”

Chops And Lifts For Stability

Today’s video is centered on Oblique Chops and Lifts for trunk stability. This exercise is a great way to functionally train oblique slings, rotational and strength/power and general core strength. In addition, these exercises can also be performed in other starting positions. For example: split stance, standing, seated, and many other starting points. Depending onContinue reading “Chops And Lifts For Stability”