The Do’s And Don’ts Of Low Back Pain

One of the most simple and important roles a chiropractor can fill is giving advice on how to manage low back pain. As with any injury scenario, there are do’s and don’ts that will help recovery along

One of the largest hospital groups in the UK put together this great guide on the do’s and don’ts of low back pain. It was made utilizing information from Dr Derek Griffin, and professor Peter O’Sullivan, who have played huge roles in the way pain is thought about, and how we should be communicating it to our patients.

The guide consists of 5 do’s and 5 don’ts.

The Do’s include: Know your pain is real, stay active, sit and move in a variety of ways, focus on meaningful activities, maintain your social relationships.

The Don’ts consist of: blaming yourself or fighting your pain, assume long lasting pain means damage, panic if you have a flare up, believe everything your hear or read, and rely on scans and imaging to tell you you’re whole story.

These facts are organized and expanded on in the full guide, but these are topics addressed every day and every week at Ridge Rehab. This short list alone is valuable information for anyone to know. Even if you are not currently dealing with pain or an injury, it’s likely you will at some point in the future. Keeping this info in mind will help.

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To read the guide, find it here.

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