What Is SI Joint Pain?

What is SI joint Pain? Proper diagnosis is always important for treatment of low back pain. One of the sources often blamed for low back pain is the Sacroiliac Joint, or SI Joint. You can feel or see the general area of this joint on many people by finding the dimples on the low back.

The main function of the SI joint is shock absorption for the spine. It also absorbs and transfers force from lower body up into the trunk. When the SI joint is involved in low back pain, it is often from inside the joint itself, or from irritation of the thick dorsal sacroiliac ligament lying over the top of it.

Pain is most commonly felt at or below L5 area, but can also be felt in the gluteal region. Pain can radiate down the leg, but is different from sciatica in that it isn’t felt below the knee. This pain is usually one sided, and is generally painful going from sitting to standing.

Treatment involves stabilization exercises and focusing on hip and low back.

While low back pain is very common, it is always better to be properly assessed by a Chiropractor or Physical Therapist to be sure of the cause. Have a professional rule out red flags, treat and monitor symptoms, and help you modify daily activities.

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