Desk Stretches For Neck Pain

Neck pain can get in the way of work, especially when we’re stuck at a desk for long periods of time – Desk stretches are here to save the day. Today’s video focuses on a few ways to get out of the seated “desk” and “computer posture” that many people are in for most of the day. Desk stretches are easy and simple ways to add some variety to your positions while working. While there is no one *best* posture, variability in the positions we spend time in is helpful in avoiding neck pain, and other aches and pains.

These are some common desk stretches I have patients leave the office with and perform as homework. They are quick and easy movements that can be done right at your desk, and shouldn’t take more than a few minutes for a few sets of 10-15. Over time, these can be progressed to place more demand on the neck muscles and shoulders, but the ones shown in the video are a great place to start. I have patients stuck in this posture try to shoot for a set of 10-15 every 1-4 hours that they are seated.

Thanks for reading — Dr. Ryan Gavin

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