Core Exercises or “Anti” Core Exercises?

Today’s video focuses on pallof press variations for training the core and spinal stability – AKA “Anti” Core Exercises.

I’ve discussed before how much I love the pallof press. A big reason is due to the anti-rotational nature of them. Because of this, it a safe core exercise and usually it’s tolerable to do even when you’re in some pain.

The “Anti” in this case refers to the concept of using core exercises that resist movement through the trunk by bracing. Anatomically, the lumbar spine does a few things: flexes forward, extends back, side-bends, and rotates.

Since the main job of our “core” is resisting movement, training anti-flexion, anti-extension, anti-lateral flexion, and anti-rotation are simple, safe, and effective core exercises. Although strengthening isn’t a cure all, “you can’t go wrong getting strong” does often hold true when it comes to preventing and calming down back pain.

Thanks for reading – Dr. Ryan Gavin, Park Ridge Chiropractor

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