The Importance of Breathing In Stabilization

The DNS concepts around breathing and bracing strategies play a large roll in the Ridge Rehab treatment philosophy. This is a common place of emphasis early on when it comes to rehab exercises and patient education in the office.

We’ve talked about ways to stabilize, but how does breathing fit in? I know it sounds crazy. How can anyone be breathing wrong? The idea is simple: The diaphragm, abdominal walls, and pelvic floor play a crucial roll during respiration, and are responsible for contracting and timing correctly to create a strong Intra – Abdominal Pressure (IAP) to stabilize the abdomen and low back, allowing us to brace properly during movement. Expansion should occur in the abdomen on inhalation, with the chest moving very little. When this pattern isn’t your go to, it can result in compensatory movement patterns, decreased “core” stabilization, and overuse of certain accessory breathing muscles in the chest, neck, and even low back, among other things. If you think you have an issue with this, schedule today by calling 847-796-0224 or visit us to schedule online at!

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