Pallof Press Variants for Trunk Stability

This week’s Wednesday Work video focuses on the Pallof Press. Trunk stability is an important component when it comes to athletics, movement, and pain in general. This is a key exercise that we utilize often in office.

Trunk stability is important because our core is designed to keep the trunk stable while our extremities move around it. This exercise is one of the most functional exercises out there. It’s also highly versatile and easily modified depending on the goals we’re working on.

As usual, keep the spine neutral and upright. Control your position throughout the press.

It should feel challenging to keep your position, but not pulling you off balance at any point. If this does happen, this is where the versatility I mentioned earlier comes in: simply change your distance, weight / band tension, stance, grip, or speed. Trunk stability can also be trained from an endurance aspect by performing these as isometric holds, holding the arms out for different amounts of time.

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Thanks for reading – Dr. Ryan Gavin – Park Ridge Chiropractor

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