Nerve Flossing For Low Back Pain

If you are looking for low back pain relief in Park Ridge or for a Park Ridge Chiropractor, schedule an appointment today! Low back pain is never fun, but when it radiates into the glutes or legs it can be even more bothersome. Radiation can be a normal symptom of different types of back pain, but it is definitely something you want to get evaluated to be sure of the cause. These are a few examples of neurodynamic exercises. These are used in the office when dealing with radiating low back pain. The purpose is mobilizing and desensitizing inflamed nerve roots. 

If you are looking for more information on what we may use for low back pain relief, check out this post for a few simple exercises we use at our Park Ridge clinic.

Appointments can be made online here, or by calling 847-796-0224.

Thanks for watching – Dr. Ryan Gavin – Park Ridge Chiropractor

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